Diesel heaters

Want to use your Van through the winter months? Why let a chill in the air stop you doing that? Here at Vanhaus we can fit that all important diesel night heater for just £699. Give us your van for a couple of days and we will install one to give you invaluable warmth on a cold winter’s night. 

Call or email now. Slots available at the end of

01785 719831

Birthday offer


To celebrate our 2nd birthday, we are offering a great deal on our carpet lining.

Smarten the interior of your Van up with our Easyliner 4 way stretch carpet liner. Flame retardant with a feel of smooth velour carpet, this comes in a range of colours and is made of 100% polypropylene fibre. 

Including our individually carpeted 5mm waterproof plyboard panels, the inside of your Van can be transformed for just £700 for a SWB, a reduction of £80 in our birthday month of October. 

Call 01785 719831 or email info@vanhaus.co.uk for more info or to book in. Slots available in October due to a late cancellation.

Get your van insulated.

Bbbbrrr, it’s a cold one out there this morning, which got me thinking about insulation. Here at Vanhaus, we offer thermal and acoustic insulation, all in one. We, and our happy customers, feel this is a better product than just thermal insulation alone. 

Insulation is essential when lining out as it regulates the temperature and noise level inside the van. This can be forgotten at times as this is not visible once the van is panelled out and carpeted, but it is invaluable. In the summer months, the insulation keeps your van cool and in the winter, it keeps it warm. It helps to reduce the condensation when sleeping inside the van. This product reduces the reverberation of the bodywork, dulling the noise levels from the road and outside that are often so obvious in all vans.

🔹Provides excellent acoustic – thermal insulation
🔹Lightweight and strong 
🔹Pressure and water resistant
🔹Flame resistant non-toxic
🔹7mm thick closed cell polyethylene foam
🔹Resistant to chemicals and extreme weather

Call the Vanhaus Team on 01785 719831 or email info@vanhaus.co.uk to get yourself booked in.

We are back!

Due to staff illnesses, we have been running a skeleton ship for the past couple of weeks. We are back now, up to full quota, and raring to go. So, please contact us for any of your van conversion requirements. We are currently booking in to October at the moment. Poptops, kitchens, rock & roll beds, electrics, carpetlining, windows, and much much more.

Fun in the sun…for some

It has been a very busy few months for the whole of the Vanhaus Team and the following few months look set to stay that way. We are very grateful to all our loyal customers and for the support we get on social media. It means a lot and it keeps our company going.

Saying that, to avoid any physical and mental deterioration of our wonderful team, we have decided to take a week off….right smack bang in the middle of our busiest period!! Madness, some of you might say, but we call it recharging the batteries.

Vanhaus will be closed from Monday 26th August to Sunday 1st September. We will be back on Monday 2nd September, raring to go.

Until then, you know where we are for any of your conversion needs. Get in touch and see how we can help you.

Sunny, sunny days

We love a sunny day here at Vanhaus. Seeing all the vans out on the road makes us smile. Get in contact with us here if you need a refurb to your van, or you want to install something new. We are here to help.

Don’t forget our window offer is still on for the month of July. Great deals on multiple windows being fitted here at our unit in Stafford.


Here at Vanhaus, our pop tops are very popular. Don’t forget though, we do full conversions here. Kitchens, electrics, carpet lining, plyboarding, leisure batteries, 240v hookups, swivel seat bases, awning rails and much much more. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

No Monday blues around here!

Well, what a busy Monday morning it has been! The sun is shining, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing, and the admin staff are trying to keep up with the emails this morning. Our visit to CamperJam yesterday was clearly very successfully.

Remember, here at Vanhaus we can provide excellent service for your van from start to finish. Poptops are a huge seller, and something we pride ourselves in. We have taken three bookings this morning alone for pop tops! Get them in your van for summer, guys!

July offer on windows

Get in touch with offer code “glass13” for £50 off any two window combination, or £65 off any three window combination, or £100 off any four window combination.

*** July offer ***

Well, it’s the start of a new month, so here at Vanhaus it’s time to get a new offer out to you lovely lot. And I have one word for you; windows! Yes, windows. That thin pane of glass that transforms a dark, cold space into an open, light, warm place you will want to spend time in. Change a panel van into a day van by just adding a couple of windows, and just see the difference it makes.

Whether you want a fixed window, a sliding window, a rear quarter window (available for some models), or a tailgate/barn door solution, we can help you here at Vanhaus.

Get in touch with offer code “glass13” for £50 off any two window combination, or £65 off any three window combination, or £100 off any four window combination.

All our windows are privacy tinted, using only O.E. spec adhesives and primers with professionally trained fitters with over 25 years experience, you can be assured of a quality service. All cut metalwork is treated and covered by with an internal rubber trim where necessary.