Get your van insulated.

Bbbbrrr, it’s a cold one out there this morning, which got me thinking about insulation. Here at Vanhaus, we offer thermal and acoustic insulation, all in one. We, and our happy customers, feel this is a better product than just thermal insulation alone.┬á

Insulation is essential when lining out as it regulates the temperature and noise level inside the van. This can be forgotten at times as this is not visible once the van is panelled out and carpeted, but it is invaluable. In the summer months, the insulation keeps your van cool and in the winter, it keeps it warm. It helps to reduce the condensation when sleeping inside the van. This product reduces the reverberation of the bodywork, dulling the noise levels from the road and outside that are often so obvious in all vans.

­čö╣Provides excellent acoustic – thermal insulation
­čö╣Lightweight and strong 
­čö╣Pressure and water resistant
­čö╣Flame resistant non-toxic
­čö╣7mm thick closed cell polyethylene foam
­čö╣Resistant to chemicals and extreme weather

Call the Vanhaus Team on 01785 719831 or email to get yourself booked in.


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