These pop top roofs are made of very high quality parts, all designed and manufactured in the UK.  The tent canvases come with extra elastic tension cords, zip up side windows, a zip black out blind and the standard mesh vent.  The large front window comes with a black out blind also.  The roof cap is made of fibreglass in a layered format made with heat resistant resin, with a double gel coat finish.  All caps come in a choice of white or black, and can be colour coded to your van’s specific shade, for an additional cost.  All metal fixings are bonded in the skin of the cap – no exposed metal work is visible.  A plastic honeycomb strengthening panel has been added in the underside of the cap, measuring over 2m long and 600mm wide, this will prevent heat distortion in extreme temperatures.

There is a range of 12 different shades for the tent canvas, with grey and black being standard.  There is also the option of a black or grey panoramic canvas, allowing you to unzip the full canvas which is great for ventilation and light.  The tent is made of a strong durable material called Rivertex, with a large window in the front and a zip-over cover, as well as the side vents.  The rear of the tent has an elastic seam to add the tent fold when closing.  UV rated – the sun won’t fade the colour and the window won’t yellow with age.